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Published by Pastor Tavares Robinson on 10 Jun 2011

Another Gospel by Tavares Robinson

Have we produced a gospel that forgives but does not convict men? And, in return, called the true gospel condemnation because it convicts men – as it should?

There is a difference between conviction and condemnation. Conviction is of the Spirit, while condemnation is of the flesh. Conviction occurs when the Spirit of God corrects and rebukes one to live according to Christ’s standards. The by-product of conviction, and subsequent repentance, is true biblical forgiveness. Condemnation, on the other hand, occurs when men correct and rebuke one to live according to their own standards. In the church today, people quickly pull the condemnation card when a preached message confronts their self-indulgent lifestyle. Messages that convict as a result of comparing your lifestyle to the standards of God are not condemnation. How can I ever change if I don’t feel like I’m wrong?

Godless preachers have used the cross as a means of self-gain instead of a means to die to one-self. Imagine going to your doctor and they have the results back from your blood test. The results of the test show that you have a disease and without proper instructions you will die. But because your doctor is self-centered and desires compensation, he prescribes you a “feel good” medication and then tells you, “You are doing great!” And although you are slowly dying inside, you leave his office feeling confident about life and the longevity of your health.

Apply this concept to the church and you’ll clearly see that this is the sort of thing that is happening to millions every Sunday. Many church leaders have deceived the people into believing that they are spiritually healthy – on the right track to having eternal life – when in fact they are spiritually dying. Such leaders, motivated by a selfish greed to be compensated, are telling the people what they want to hear to keep them happy. They are not being honest with the people concerning their spiritual health because such truth may cost the leader more than they are willing to part with (finances, members, etc).

It’s amazing to know how quickly we would file a malpractice lawsuit against that doctor who gave us a false report, but will, on the other hand, support and defend the preacher who is just as guilty! Countless people who genuinely desire salvation are being “drugged” by this “another gospel”. Although, there is only one true gospel, those under the influence of false leaders, have neglected the Truth of the Bible and built their lives around the infectious words of a man. The people’s prides have been pumped up through titles and positions. They are made to feel good about their walk (and operation of title) even though, according to the Bible, they are not saved, and God is not pleased with them. Such persons are so convinced by “another gospel” that the notion that they are not saved becomes an “attack” against their character. Don’t take my word for it, just look around and see what this counterfeit gospel has produced:

1)  Men who believe it’s alright to live for themselves because, after all, “this is what it means to be saved”.
2)  Men who say they are Spirit-filled but yet practice sin.
3)  Homosexual lifestyles being practice openly under a distorted grace.
4)  True biblical love being replaced with tolerance.
5)  God’s wisdom replaced by men’s experiences.
6)  Holiness reduced to and labeled “traditional”.
7)  Leaders divorcing their spouses for any reason but still are “anointed”.
8)  The word of God is no longer absolute, but is measured by men’s opinion.
9)  A “Jesus” that is held captive by the words of his servants.
10) A love among brothers and sisters that is not agape but superficial.

Have we produced “believers” who say all the right words, but lack the power to demonstrate those words? Are we the reason that the church today is mocked by the world? From television, to Internet, to the local newspapers, the church has become a means by which the world can snicker and joke without any notion of conviction. Prior to now, the church was not considered a place of alliance where one can go to be entertainment; it was, rather, viewed as a strong, powerful threat to the culture of the world!

When was the last time you heard a Spirit-filled message, so convicting, that it left you speechless after the service? When was the last time you ran home to repent of your inner-most desires or motives because they were exposed through the Word of the Lord?

When Jesus preached, the demons screamed, saying, “Leave us alone” because the word they heard convicted them – making them uncomfortable in His presence. Why is it, then, when today’s leaders preach, the demons cheer and applaud, saying “We will be back next week”!

Is there really another gospel, or have leaders, with a personal agenda, created a people-pleasing doctrine that’s similar to God’s and attached His name to give it credibility?

Published by Pastor Tavares Robinson on 06 Jun 2011

Lest We Forget The Message by David Wilkerson

Published by Pastor Tavares Robinson on 06 Jun 2011

How To Fleece The Flock For Fun And Profit

Disclaimer: Please understand that this article is written to be a humorous way of exposing false teachings. Although it is written in a tongue-in-cheek style, the false teachings in it are very real. They are not connected to any one denomination, but are now permeating even mainstream churches. To find out more about these types of teachings, we suggest these articles on the Let Us Reason website.

Official Handbook of How to
Fleece the Flock for Fun and Profit
©2002 OAIM

Rule number one: Before embarking upon this enterprise of fleecing the flock for fun and profit, one must establish oneself as a special “Anointed” spokesperson for God. This can be accomplished in several ways.

a) Learn the official “Anointed” Christian buzzwords. You can begin with repeating the word “anointed” in your conversations, making sure that people recognize that you have this special anointing. (See Rule 3 for a more complete list of buzzwords.) Setting up people in the audience to be “healed” is a good way of gaining the flock’s confidence. However, make certain the affliction they are healed of is something that is not visible or something that can be medically verified. Headaches and other aches and pains are good to capitalize on. Make certain that you choose the people beforehand so they will not give away what is happening.

Persuading people that you are giving them a secret, hidden knowledge that others do not have will draw them in like flies to honey. This will encourage them to have an awe of your knowledge. Once people recognize you have this anointing, then you can begin to claim apostleship or establish yourself as a prophet of God. This works well as people would rather hear from a prophet than to hear from God through study of His word. Remember to keep them from discovering that you “anointed” yourself. This is vital. If they see that you started out as the only one who said you were anointed, you will never get a flock going and will miss out on all the fun and profit there is when you start fleecing your flock.

b) Establish yourself as a prophet from God by making a few predictions. It does not matter if they don’t come to pass because you can always claim it was their lack of faith as to why it did not come to pass. The secret to being successful is always to shift the blame back onto them when in a tight spot. Whatever you do, never ever accept responsibility for the lack of failed prophesies as this will taint your image and hinder the pursuit of fleecing the flock for fun and profit. You must also keep your flock from any passages in the Bible that say that a prophet must have 100% accuracy such as Deuteronomy 18. It will be necessary to steer them clear from such passages and remind them that all people are fallible. If you keep the focus on the fallible people, your flock will not notice that prophecies are supposed to come from God who is infallible.

c) If anyone challenges you as a prophet of God, remind them of the verse that says “touch not the anointed of God” and of the consequences of blasphemy of the Holy Spirit. Never mind that neither of these passages have anything to do with you or the situation. It will sound very spiritual if you say it to them with a very stern look on your face and a loud voice. It is essential that you use fear as often as possible to make sure the flock maintains its fear of you. Fear is a great tool to use that will enable you to continue to fleece the flock.

d) Discourage the flock from reading the Bible for themselves. Remind them often of how the Holy Spirit spoke to you and this reduces the need for study of the Bible because you have knowledge that supersedes the Bible. Don’t forget to inject a verse here and there so they will be convinced that this is from God. Choose obscure verses so the flock doesn’t realize that they have nothing to do with what you are saying. Always use the King James Version because most people nowadays don’t understand it and you can use it to make verses say whatever you want them to. If challenged, invoke “divine revelation knowledge” and refer back to 1c. If any of the flock attempts to read the bible on their own, make sure you direct them to your interpretation of the scriptures by showing them what it “really” means. You can make a good profit on writing your own study Bible with your own notes in the margins. The leather versions can sell for more than $80 each and can give you a good source of income for many years.

e) The most annoying people are those who keep insisting on sound doctrine and one must guard against this attack at all cost. Your income and reputation are at stake on this one. However, this can be easily overcome through the buzzwords of “Can’t we all just get along? We all love the same Jesus”. Convince the flock that doctrine is divisive and that to love the Lord is all that matters. This works well because they then are the ones labeled as divisive and it questions their spirituality. When this is accomplished, it makes it easy to dismiss what they are saying.

f) Emotionalism is essential for a flock-fleecing ministry. Mimic the most successful fleecers and practice this often until you have it down pat. Aggressively prance back and forth across the stage while waving your arms wildly and be sure to talk fast and loud. For added emphasis, whisper at times to make them strain to hear you and then scream to make them jump out of their seats.

Tears and a lot of mopping of sweat from the forehead and mouth while preaching happens a lot while under the “anointing” and this assures the flock that they are receiving an “anointed” message. Dance a lot and say “Whoooeeee, I feel the anointing comin’ upon me, ….GLORY.” Be certain to make odd noises at times and call them speaking in tongues from the Spirit. This is highly impressive and will ensure the flock’s awe of you.

Rule number two: Gimmicks are essential.

For a ministry to thrive, money must regularly be fleeced from the flock. Don’t take all of the money at once because it would drain the well dry, and you must be careful to spread it out over a very long time in order to raise your own income. Keep holding out a little hope to them that your teachings work. This can be accomplished by showing how the Lord has blessed you when you drive up in your limo. Assure them that they too can become an anointed servant of God and be blessed in the same way. Some of the following gimmicks work well; they have been tried and tested. However, when the gimmicks begin to wane, one must use a little imagination to keep it fresh and exciting.

a) Anointed prayer cloths and trinkets. This one has been a big hit and a great success. This fleece does not work well with the older sheep but there are many new sheep who still find this to be exciting. You can have a variety of anointed cloths and trinkets that keep them going for quite awhile. Cloths and trinkets can be for healing, wealth, and power. The possibilities are almost limitless with a fertile imagination. The profit margin can be very large because the cloths and trinkets are cheap to buy and you can sell them for a good deal more than they are worth because of your special “anointing.”

b) Praying over letters. This is another great way to bring in the income since your monetary investment is virtually nothing. Have the flock send in prayer requests in letter form and you can set the price for praying over them. How much you charge depends upon how well you have convinced the sheep of your anointing. A good anointed prophet can receive a “donation” of 20 bucks or more per prayer if handled correctly. Remind them that they are furthering God’s kingdom while being blessed at the same time. Make sure you have a way of disposing of the letters so they don’t clutter up your personal office space.

c) If one chooses the deliverance ministry as their means of income and recognition, you can offer anointed trinkets to ward off the spirits and set the price according to the severity of the demon. I would not recommend the use of the term “dollars against demons” because this would not sound too spiritual. However, this ministry guarantees an income and recognition because the demons don’t stay bound very long and soon return. You will be called upon over and over to keep casting out the same demons from the same people. Fear works great in this gimmick because they soon become dependent upon you to keep the demons at bay. If they become divisive and question you, then is the time to dismiss them as dogs who keep returning to their own vomit. Remember, you do have an image that needs to be protected and never accept such non-sense questions as “why doesn’t it work?” The key for a successful ministry is to shift the blame back onto the sheep. Arrogance will be your best friend to keep yourself aloof from the flock.

d) The electronic age is wonderful and one must not neglect this means of income and recognition. You can convince the flock that God is ever present everywhere and this includes the internet. Have the demon-possessed or the sick place their hands or forehead on the screen and convince them that God is touching them through you through the monitor. Have your website designer post a picture of you that reaches out your hand to them. This will convince them that you are really reaching out to pray for them. State that the prayers will only come to pass if they send you money. Again, your reputation will determine how much you set the price at for these prayers. The power of suggestion works well; hypnotists have used this principle for many years. All that is needed is for the prospective customer to be convinced in their mind that the “anointing” is flowing through to them upon contact with the monitor screen. You can then request additional “donations” for further anointed touches.

Rule number three: Parrot the buzz words that only the “anointed” use, such words as “Plead the blood of Jesus”.

It doesn’t matter that there is no precedence in the Bible for this phrase. It sounds spiritual so use this phrase often. Repeated often enough, this makes it sound like there is some magical ingredient in the blood of Jesus and puts it on the same level as holy water, incense, burning of candles and wearing the cross that protects the believing flock. (These previous items can also be sold for profit, if they are “anointed”.)

a) Learning the lingo of the anointed will push you up the ladder of recognition and place you in the position of fleecing the flock for fun and profit at a much faster rate.

Talking directly to Satan is very impressive, but you must keep them from seeing that it’s not biblical. Suggested buzzwords and phrases to mimic are as the following and NEVER forget to “invoke” the “name of Jesus”. (Try to make Jesus as multi-syllabled as you can — Jeeeeeeeesssssuuuuuuuuuussss. The more syllables you can extract from it, the holier it sounds.)

· “Satan, I come against you in the name of Jesus.”

· “Satan, I bind you in the name of Jesus.”

· “Satan, I cast you out in the name of Jesus.”

· “Satan, I command you back into the pit of hell in Jesus name.”

· “Satan, I rebuke you in the name of Jesus.”

(Remember to emphasize the word “I”. This keeps the focus on you as the one who has the power to do these things. This also keeps the focus on Satan and be sure to ‘invoke” the name of Jesus for a religious touch that sounds “anointed”. If we can keep the focus off of Jesus, then this assures the flock of their need for us and of our position. To point to Jesus will hinder our standing and hinder our continued fleecing so exercise much caution in this area.)

b) More suggested buzz words and phrases:

· Claim, Confess, and Demand healing in the name of Jesus are good ones that draw attention to your anointing. Once again, the more arrogant you are, the more “anointed” you will appear to them.

· “Hallelujah, Praise the Lord, Glory and Amen”. (Repeat over and over and for added emphasis, a loud whistle at times is good. The louder the better to let them hear your anointing.)

· “Glory bumps” and “Holy Ghost Giggles” are cute ones to throw in at times. This lets them see the “joy of the Lord” in you. If you ever are overcome with laughter at how easy it is to fleece your flock, just claim it is “holy laughter” and they will all join in with you (which can cause you to laugh even harder, but no worry, they will laugh harder with you all the way to the bank).

· Singing, Dancing, Speaking and Walking in the Spirit are sure fire “anointed” words that will be noticed.

c) Seed faith. This term indicates that they are planting a seed of faith and will reap a harvest of money because of it. Using this idea, you can get people to send you large amounts of money with the promise that they will receive a hundredfold back. People are greedy by nature and the lure of a promise of receiving thousands of dollars back is a powerful enticement. (But make certain you keep them from seeing Mark 10:29-30 because you don’t want to give them any hint that persecutions might also come their way. Keep them from any idea that the lifestyle you are promoting might someday cause them any discomfort.) Also, this provides you with an excellent opportunity to use guilt and intimidation to coerce people into sending you these large “love offerings.” Obviously, if they are not willing to send you this type of “love offering” then they do not have enough “faith” to plant. Accusing them of a lack of faith if they do not send you money in this way is highly effective and will assure you of a profitable ministry for many future years.


Remember that the corrupt nature of man is to seek after fame and fortune for themselves at the exclusion of others. You can be assured of a following as long as you continue to offer them the possibility of riches and power. Keeping this in mind, continue to appeal to the corrupt nature of man and spiritualize it by suggesting that the things they desire are the same things that God desires for them. Often repeat the phrases such as: “God desires for you to be rich, healthy and happy above everything else.” Avoid people who claim that spiritual maturity is more important in God’s eyes than financial success. Keep your flock from these types. They can be very devastating to your ministry.

If the flock lacks in anything, use intimidation and fear to keep them intact. This tactic assures the continuation of your own financial well-being. Remind them that if they lack in any of these things, it is their lack of faith that is preventing these “blessings” from God coming to pass.

Remember, you must walk the talk to retain credibility. This means, never ever mention that you may have a cold, may not be happy or may be struggling with finances. To make this mistake would be a sure fire way of destroying the flock fleecing ministry. You are the example of all that God wants for them and to show any signs of human weakness would undermine all that you have hoped to accomplish. Illusion is everything.

If you have those who start feeling like they want to leave, make a quick move to use fear and guilt to keep them in your flock. One tactic that is very effective is to threaten them with loss of their salvation if they leave. Also, threaten their children by saying that if they leave, their children will pay for their lack of faith. This is a good way of keeping them in line since most of them love their children very much.

This handbook is offered for free, however, a love offering would be greatly appreciated. Sending a “love” offering of 100 dollars would put you well on the way because you know that your “seed faith” will force God will give you a hundred fold in return for doing so. (wink, wink)

Published by Pastor Tavares Robinson on 06 Jun 2011

What Is A False Jesus?

This is the 4th and final part of my wife’s testimony of how she managed to get out
of the influence of the extreme Pentecostal movement. Make sure you also read
part one, part two, and part three. These have also been published on her blog
which is found here. The final part is as follows:

This false spirit, a false “jesus”, one that pleases the flesh, had been given
permission by me into my life. If I knew the character of the Lord well or knew
my Bible basics I would have recognized the false spirit simply by looking at
what type of behavior I was displaying when I was experiencing this “spirit”. I
would have know that the fruit of the real and true Holy Spirit is peace, love,
real joy, gentleness, self-control, humility, patience, kindness, faithfulness
and goodness. If I had done this little test I would have clearly seen that I
lacked gentleness, self-control, patience, peace and real love. This false
spirit is very easily recognized when you do this little test. What I had
allowed in my life brought out impatience, anger, rudeness, complete lack of
Self-Control, chaos, flesh seeking madness, self ambition and selfish desires.

The next way to determine a false spirit is to do a quick comparison with what
the God of the Bible is like in character versus the spirit you have opened
yourself up to. Does it match up with what the Word of God says?

– Who God is (a God of order and peace)

– The order of a Church service (no chaos, no un-interpreted tongues, no more
than 2 or 3 people talking in tongues and in turn (not over each other)

– That these manifestations are similar if not the same to the strange fire
offered by Aaron’s sons in Exodus

– Leadership in the church (should be characterized by godly character: men of
peace, self-control, peace, gentleness, quietness and of humility).

– The focus of godly teaching (is leading one towards complete reliance on
Jesus Christ and not on yourself or a person or a ministry)

– People under the authority of the Lord (will display a peace, calmness,
quietness and gentleness about them).

– Dying to self and dying to flesh. The entire false spirit movement is characterized
by satisfying your own flesh and carnal nature. Rather than bowing down before
the Lord, it is about getting as much out as you can for yourself, getting the
“anointing” for yourself, getting the “manifestations” for yourself, seeing the
signs and wonders for yourself. This is completely the opposite to the life of
Jesus Christ, one of complete self sacrifice and in turn the life Christians
are to live. We are to beat our body/flesh to make it our slaves (1 Corinthians

– The real gospel of the Lord is unpopular. I have realized that wherever there
are huge crowds and no real genuine repentance (followed by no major changes in
the person’s life) then one needs to proceed with extreme caution! The way of
the Lord is a narrow way, not a popular one.

– We need to be very careful of false teachers and false prophets in the end
times. There are no arguments that we are in the end times, so why would we
switch off our discernment buttons because we are too scared to be wrongly
called Pharisees.

Will we be accountable to God for being easily deceived?

We have access to the Truth, the Word of God. The Word of God specifically
warns us in detail about what deceptions there will be in the end times and yet
we are still easily deceived. I was warned by earnest believers, but still
chose to be lead astray. And in turn we have earnestly warned others but they
choose to defile themselves with these false spirits too.

Why are we caught off guard by so called “men of god” that are bringing these
false spirits into the church?

Most likely they are completely deceived themselves and are themselves, in
turn, deceivers. The whole purpose of deception is that is going to come in and
trick us! Why does it surprise us that this is happening in the church? Satan
has had over 7,000 years to work out the best ways to deceive and cheat people;
of course he is going to influence people in the church today. It is naive to
think he wouldn’t. There will be no excuse for us on our day of judgment when
we face our Lord and King and we realize we have been tricked into allowing
false spirits into our hearts. We should know better and be prepared for this.

How do we know and recognize Satan?

Satan will deceive us by enticing our flesh! It is not surprising them to find
that these so called movement of the “holy spirit” are about ‘making us feel
good’, ‘hyping up our emotions’ and ‘satisfying our carnal desires’ into chaos,
uncontrolled disgusting behavior and acting like mad people.

Is it any surprise why we are so desperate for the next “fix”?

This behavior is not found anywhere in the Word of our God. The Holy Spirit
came upon the disciples and then they went out with their purpose, to spread
the gospel NOT to run from conference to conference, meeting to meeting to get
*more* of the “anointing”.

When I look back over my darkest days I can now very clearly recall some of the
behaviors of these people and even friends who are in these “movements”. Their behavior
(including my own) was some of the most selfish, prideful displays I have ever
seen. We were desperate to have our next “fix”, the next manifestation, the
next drunken moment in the so called Holy Spirit, and the next “loved up”
feeling. The longer I was involved the greater my drive and motivation was to fulfill
my flesh and carnal desire. This selfish, flesh seeking drive is intensely
stronger than the motivation to go out into the world and spread the gospel and
to save lost sinners in the name of Jesus. I only cared about myself and
truthfully I had no real genuine care or love for other believers during that
time. It was all about me.

I also have noticed and experienced the anger of these people when they are
questioned about the truth behind these movements and any mention of false
spirits. It is like they turn into monsters defending their prey. There is an
awful ugliness that emerges and it is quite frightening (that is why I used the
word monster). I displayed this ugly behavior myself so I speak from firsthand
experience…these people have sold themselves out to a false spirit, a false
jesus. The devil has a hold on their heart and their desires. This false spirit
makes them feel good and they will hold onto it like nothing else! Their flesh
fights to hold onto it and fights against the truth being revealed.

If you are concerned about this false spirit that is creeping into the church
please go to my sister in Christ’s Mkayla Kelly’s blog.

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Published by Pastor Tavares Robinson on 04 Jun 2011

Measuring The Mixture

“For if someone comes and proclaim another Jesus than the one we proclaimed, or if you receive a different spirit from the one you received, or if you accept a different gospel from the am you accepted you put up with it readily enough ” (2 Car. 11:4 ESV)

In Galatians 1:7-9 Paul speaks in more severe tones to those who would change the Gospel: “not that there is another one [gospel], but there are sow who trouble you and want to distort the gospel of Christ.  But even if we or an angel from heaven should preach to you a gospel contrary to the one we preached to you, ‘let him be accursed.”‘ The word metastrepsai, here translated as “distort,” could actually be translated as “reverse.” The Judaizers, who did believe in the death and resurrection of Christ, were adding the act of circumcision to that belief, thus distorting, even reversing, the gospel itself.

God is ever concerned about the purity of His word.  In Deuteronomy 4:2 He warns the Israelites through Moses, “You shall not add to the word which I command you nor take from it.” (ESV) The utter seriousness of either adding to or subtracting from Scripture is stated dramatically at the end of the book of Revelation:

“I warn everyone who hears the words of this prophecy of this book. If anyone adds to them, God will add to him the plagues described in this book, and if anyone takes away from the words of this book of this prophecy, God will take away his share in the tree of life and in the holy city, which are described in this book ” (Rev. 22:18-19 ESV)

Christ’s Church, though it is not to be “of the world,” does exist within a particular culture.  The Church, in every age, tries to present the Gospel in a culturally relevant manner: styles of teaching, preaching, and worship may flex with the changing culture as old and new methods and media are tried and kept or discarded. For instance, keyboards replace organs and pianos in the worship service, typewriters and mimeograph machines are supplanted by computers and laser printers.  Overhead projectors give way to video projection screens and power point presentations.  These are just part of living in our particular culture–using them is not necessarily or inherently good or bad.  The Church is free to use the tools of the culture, but must be careful, as always, regarding the content of what is presented.

Presenting the Gospel in a culturally relevant manner is one thing, but often preachers and teachers are tempted to make the Gospel itself more “attractive” to the people at large–always a very tricky enterprise.  There is danger in integrating the ideas of reigning popular culture into the Gospel.  Within our culture, change may be a good thing, but within the Gospel, change is never a good thing. The difficulty lies in discerning the changes, in spotting the tampering.

Paul was concerned about this very thing:

“Now brothers, I want to remind you of the gospel I preached to you, … By this gospel you are saved, if you hold firmly to the word I preached to you. Otherwise, you have believed in vain. For what I received I passed on to you as of first importance: that Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures, that he was buried, that he was raised on the third day according to the Scriptures, and that he appeared to Peter and then to the Twelve. … and last of all he appeared to me also…” (I Cor. 15:1-8 NIV)

Back in the 1970’s, a teaching called “measuring the mixture,” was an attempt to identify the works of the flesh that were mixed with the work and gifts of the Spirit.  The phrase is apt and the idea may be applied to the Scriptures and the Gospel.  The Church must be very careful how it handles the Gospel “recipe.” It can ruin the recipe by additions or deletions or by changing proportions.  For example, adding sugar to a gas tank will not sweeten a car’s engine.  Adding heroin to sugar is a potentially deadly proposition.  Protein is necessary for a healthy diet, but snake venom, which may be 85% protein, is a toxic source of protein that should be avoided. Even adding an inert “filler” a substance dilutes its effectiveness.  Not long ago we heard of a pharmacist who did just that with chemotherapy drugs.  Cancer patients who assumed they were taking the full dosage received a weakened amount of the drug, and several died because of it.

As they handle Scripture, and especially the Gospel, Christians must be like the Bereans who were constantly checking teachings against Scripture.  They were commended for constantly searching out truth (Acts 17:11)– they were carefully “measuring the mixture.”

Unfortunately, I think it is safe to say that there are not many people testing the content of the Gospel these days.  Blending the Gospel with cultural additives has become the institutionalized method of evangelism.  There is rarely even an attempt to disguise the various additives!  It seems to be assumed that the gospel can be laced with just about any substance that might make it more attractive to the spiritual consumer.

Recently in Minneapolis, authorities tested the water of Lake Harriet, a popular swimming venue, finding dangerous levels of E. coli bacteria.  Warning signs were posted.  Nevertheless, many people walked right past the posted signs and entered the water.  Could they not read?  Did they not see the signs?  Did they think they were immune because they couldn’t see E. coli?  Did they assume they’d be safe because they knew about the danger?

Many preachers and teachers within the church promote non-biblical ideas and teachings.  There are a few in the Church who are posting warning signs at the edge of a contaminated Gospel.  Why do many Christians walk right past those signs?

Too often culturally-accepted ideas and messages are papered over with biblical sounding words and surface references to isolated scriptures–the result appears acceptable, safe.  Add some tolerance here, some diversity there, remove original sin, substitute self-esteem and the Gospel is reversed.  Add a requirement from Old Testament Law, add any kind of work to faith, and the Gospel is reversed. Paul would say that it is no Gospel at all A dab of Freud or a smidgen of Jung, both God-denying psychologists, invalidates the Gospel, no matter how “helpful” it appears to be.  Naive believers begin trusting foreign ideas for their salvation and/or sanctification.  The Bible’s God-breathed teaching, which is more than adequate for the believer’s life, is diluted, distorted, and made to seem inadequate.

Posting warning signs against these mixed, blended “gospels” is derided for being out-of-touch with ecumenism’s tolerance and diversity.  Post-modernism resists absolute truth claims.  Individual preference reigns–go ahead, enjoy your own gospel-blend–don’t pass judgment on mine.  By current standards, Paul is seen as arrogant legalistic, and authoritarian for saying that adding anything to the gospel he preached was anathema, even if it was preached by “an angel from heaven.” (Gal. 1:8)

Paint stores have one or several base paints, to which hundreds of color variations can be added. The Gospel is not a “base paint,” meant to be tinted or shaded according to the whim of a customer.  Any variation distorts the Gospel message.

The Gospel is the core of the Church’s message; the Church is to proclaim the true, pure Gospel recipe with no additives, no deletions, no distortion, no reversal.  Each individual Christian (together, the Church) must “measure the mixture.” That means each Christian must know the Gospel–know it well enough to realize when something is not right.  Even if it is unpopular and viewed as arrogant presumption, we must post the warning signs of clear biblical teaching.  We must, in loving and humble obedience to Christ, always be measuring the mixture!

by Dr. Orrel Steinkamp, The Plumbline, Vol. 8, No. 3, 2003

Published by Pastor Tavares Robinson on 04 Jun 2011

Naming Names: A Biblical Approach by Kevin Reeves

In these last days the proliferation of false teachings assaulting both the
Church and Scriptural integrity requires a closer look at how those promoting
such doctrines should be dealt with. While no one with a genuine desire to
follow Christ should eagerly want to accuse another of error in ministry, the
prophets of the Old Testament, our Lord Jesus Himself, and the apostles make it
clear that many will come in the name of the Lord who profess to follow Him, yet
by their teachings actually deny or present a different image of God than what
is demonstrated in the Scriptures. Paul said of these that, “many walk, of whom
I often told you, and now tell you even weeping, that they are enemies of the
cross of Christ” (Philippians 3:18).

False teachers, false apostles, false brethren, etc., have the ability to
damage or even destroy the simple faith in Christ delivered once for all to the
saints (Jude 3). Jesus said that many would be deceived by those claiming to be
from God (Matthew 24:5, 10-11, 24). As one who has  been in the forefront of
false movements and unknowingly promoted error for twelve years, I well know the
danger to one’s faith because of the redefinition of Christianity and the
presentation of a different “Jesus”. Heresy is not a plaything–it is a lie set
forth that destroys the relationship between the Savior and the saved, and leads
trusting sheep into a wilderness filled with a multitude of violent predators.

Naming people specifically involved with promoting heresy or extrabiblical
doctrine is, and should be, an uncomfortable last step, taken only after all
other reasonable avenues at reconciliation have taken place. Anyone can make a
mistake; it is the unrepentant attitude, elitist mentality, or the single-minded
unwillingness of the brother in error to heed the truth that makes coming out
into the open with damaging evidence at times an absolute necessity.  If a
thief, vandal, or worse lived in your neighborhood, ask yourself if you would
not want to know the man=s name and where he lived, that you could guard both
yourself and your family from harm. How much more, then, in dealing with
spiritual issues–things of eternal significance–do we need to guard both our
own souls and the souls of those entrusted to us by the Lord?

The inherent danger of co-habitation with heresy cannot be overstated. Error
unmolested will always eat away at the flesh of Christ’s body, the Church (2
Timothy 2:17-18). That is its nature. To deny this is to disavow the very
history of ancient Israel, whose repeated dalliances with false gods and their
prophets reaped for them a wide destruction of their faith in God and certain
retribution from Him. We have forgotten the admonition of Romans 15:4:

“For whatever was written in earlier times was written for our instruction,
that through perseverance and the encouragement of the Scriptures we might have

While Israel’s spiritual failings were recorded to serve as a warning, many
Christians believe themselves above the same kind of deception. False prophets
have always been the bane of God’s people, making crooked the right way of the
LORD and leading the people to follow a depravity “…in the form of corruptible
man and of birds and four-footed animals and crawling creatures” (Romans 1:23).

While current sophistication among our own false prophets and false teachers
now precludes the use of stone and wood idols, they yet paint their images of
God with words that stir the imagination of man–and redefine the object of his
worship. Even those who unwittingly teach contrary to the Gospel of Christ,
believing their teachings to be genuine revelation, are leading multitudes down
the dark path leading ever further from the truth. Their sincerity
notwithstanding, they have made themselves enemies of the faith and unless there
is wholesale repentance they will suffer shipwreck and take many others with
them (1 Timothy 1:19).

In this age of “tolerance”, even many Christians have fallen prey to the
temptation to make evil somewhat less than it is. Sprinkled with a bit of
honest-to-goodness Bible teaching, heresy often becomes palatable, especially if
it caters to the listener’s self-importance or desire for power. The tickling of
ears (2 Timothy 4:3-4) has become a national religious pastime. Many would
rather listen to fantastic myths given a Christian veneer, than hard truth that
requires Biblical death to self.

Yet our God is not inactive. The least Christian can know the voice of his
Shepherd, and those with sensitivity of heart can sense the grieving of the
Spirit when the fraudulent is presented as the genuine article. But it is the
route of least resistance to simply maintain the status quo, regardless of the
violence done to the Scriptures. Coupled with repeated threats from local and
national pulpits of “Do not touch the Lord”s anointed”, the desire to not rock
the boat can silence even a sincere believer in Christ. But then the easy way
out inevitably becomes a dictator, supplanting the true knowledge of God with a
false piety that decries sin yet looks the other way when it is committed in
one’s very presence. The knee once bowed to compromise will stay locked in that
position until repentance unbends it.

The simple fact is that no amount of glazing false theology with sugar-coated
euphemisms will negate its poison. It is in vogue to say of a popular false
teacher, “He missed it,” and pass over a glaring doctrinal error. But it is much
more Biblical to call that which is false, both man and teaching, by its proper
title. And none of the descriptions laid on the backs of false teachers are
pretty. They shouldn’t be. A man who deliberately infects others with his own
consuming leprosy should be confronted with the fact of his disease and
quarantined for his own good and that of his followers. To do less is to assist
the spread of this doctrinal contagion.

With constant and unapologetic fervor, the early Church waged warfare against
those who would pervert the faith of Christ. Any who refused to do so were
counted mere mercenaries and guilty of gross cowardice (John 10:12). Those true
to the Good Shepherd will not hesitate to use His staff to club the wolves away
from a flock which needs protection.

In the personal arena, why make a fuss over the beliefs of a brother who is not a leader in the Christian community? As long as he is not teaching others, the current theological fad of “do not judge” dictates we just leave him alone. Ironically, the Bible counters that kind of thinking from the mouth of the first murderer (Genesis 4:9). Cain’s sarcastic response, reworded into a statement, tells us what he already knew. We are indeed our brother’s keeper. If we love him, not only in tongue but in deed and truth (1 John 2:18), then we must inform him of his error. His beliefs will carve out a path for him to walk on, which, followed far enough, can lead him over the precipice and plunge him into the abyss of heresy. The same holds true for all of us. What we believe in our hearts we will live by, and that will determine our eternal destiny.

While public exposure of a brother in serious error may not be necessary, as
long as he is not a leader in the Church assembly, Biblical separation is still
mandated as a response to those who call themselves Christian yet live like
those who are unregenerate (1 Corinthians 5:9-11).

Through The Eyes Of God

It might be of help to personally see how false teachers, false prophets, and
false brethren are portrayed in Scripture. The God of the Bible made certain
these specific references were written down for all generations, that none doubt
the seriousness with which He views those who pervert His character, ways, or

Wolves–Matthew 7:15
Tares–Matthew 13:25
Brood of Vipers–Matthew 23:33

Servants of Satan–2 Corinthians
Unreasoning animals–2 Peter 2:12

A Thief–John 10:1
Wild waves of the sea–Jude 13

A Hireling (only in it for the pay)– (John 10:12)
Revilers—Jude 8

Brutal Shepherds–(Ezekiel 34:1-22)
Spots in the Love Feasts–Jude 12

Licentious–Jude 4
Twice Dead–Jude 12

Old Testament

References to false teachers, false brethren, and false prophets especially
are legion within the pages of the Old Testament. We will concentrate on only a
few, dealing with specific individuals named and dealt with by the LORD.

Leviticus 10:1-2–Nadab and Abihu, the sons of Aaron, put strange fire in
censors (made up their own worship of God according to their own desire), and
were publicly consumed by fire from the LORD. Substitute worship was the same
sin for which Cain was rebuked in Genesis 4. When God specifies the way of true
worship, He means for us to cleave to that pattern. Any addition, subtraction,
or man-made contrivance on our part is an abomination.

Numbers Chapter 16–Dathan, Abiram, and Korah were publicly rebuked by Moses
(verse 26) and swallowed by the earth in judgement of God (verses 31-32)

1 Kings 22:11, 24-25–False prophet, Zedekiah, was rebuked and judged by

Jeremiah 28:15-17–The false prophet Hananiah dies after rebuke by the LORD
through Jeremiah

Jeremiah 29:31-32–false prophet, Shemiah, dies after LORD’s rebuke through

Much of the book of Jeremiah is spent rebuking the false prophets that have
seduced Israel from following the LORD, and have led the people into idol
worship (a false or man-made image of a god) Jeremiah 2:8, 5:30-31

Ezekiel 8:8-11–false elders of Israel exposed by God, including Jaazaniah,
the son of Shaphan

Ezekiel 11:1-13–False brethren exposed and one of them, Pelatiah, dies

In addition to these, much of Ezekiel’s time is spent prophesying against:

False brethren    (Chapter 11:4)
False prophets (Chapter 13:16-17)

False shepherds (Chapter 34)

Much of the book of Isaiah is devoted to the rebuke of the LORD against the
false prophets who are leading Israel astray from the true God to idols. Isaiah
9:15, 28:7

There are many more instances, but the pattern is plain–God exposes men
publicly who defy Him, preach, teach, or prophesy out of their own hearts, and
try to lead His people astray.

New Testament

Matthew 23–Jesus publicly rebukes the Pharisees for their hypocrisy and
man-made worship of God, and the twisting of the Scriptures

1 Timothy 1:19-20–Hymaneus and Alexander delivered to Satan because of
blasphemy by Paul the apostle

2 Timothy 4:14– Paul warns Timothy to beware of Alexander the Coppersmith,
who greatly opposed the gospel

Galatians 2:11-13–Though certainly not false brethren, Peter was rebuked by
Paul, for, along with Barnabas, Peter was guilty of public hypocrisy–Paul
publicly corrected him

3 John 9-10–Diotrophes opposing John and controlling Church members–John
said, “I will remember him”.

Revelation 2:20–Jezebel–false prophetess in Thyatira congregation–everyone
knew who she was, as she was active in the Church

There are many other Scriptures that, while they do not name individuals, the
individuals guilty of teaching false doctrine or living in blatant sin were well
known among each congregation. In these cases, the Church in a particular area
was named, and everyone knew who was being pointed out in Paul’s letters.

1 Corinthians 4:18 and all of chapter 5–many puffed up (prideful) in spite
of open sinning by congregation member–they are told to get that man out of the
church–Paul delivers the man to Satan

2 Corinthians 10:8-11, Chapter 11:1-4, 12-15, 20-23–false apostles exposed
as bringing another “Jesus” into the congregation

Revelation 2:14–Pergamos–some hold to the teachings of Baalam, and, verse
15, some who hold to the teachings of the Nicolatians, which Jesus said He hates

Romans 16:17–Church there told to take note of those causing divisions
contrary to the doctrine of Christ and avoid them

Galatians 1:8–false brethren bringing circumcision into the Galatian
church–presenting another “Jesus”–Paul said, “Let him be accursed!”

Titus 1:9-16–Timothy told to rebuke false teachers–they must be stopped
because they are doing great damage to the body of Christ there

1 Timothy 1:3-4–Timothy told to command those teaching wrong doctrine to
stop it

1 Timothy 5:19-20–Rebuke in public those who continue to sin

The Church today is nearly overwhelmed with those claiming to bring new
revelation, a “fresh word” of the Lord that cannot be validated by the inerrant
Scriptures. Men like Rick Joyner, whose visions of angels, vomiting demons, and
a Jesus that contradicts what He previously spoke in the pages of the Bible have
led a multitude down a path of make-believe wisdom and authority. Or Kenneth
Copeland, who denies the blood of Christ atoned for sins, and whose “Jesus” had
to be born-again in hell after taking on the very nature of Satan. And Benny
Hinn, whose on-stage presence sways many to believe he is a true messenger of
God, even as he rages under a contrived anointing, and publicly calls down
curses upon his adversaries in a growling, hissing voice.

But these are merely a sampling of the high profile ministries confounding
the Biblical record. Their doctrines and demonstrations of false signs and
wonders  have produced a veritable swarm of imitators, from the local pastor
faithfully mimicking his fleshly icons, to the bewildered sheep in the pew
hammered by church leadership into proclaiming a “gospel” contrary to the Christ
he has grown to know and love.

The time for silence is long past. The “Ananias and Sapphira” threat can no
longer be allowed to bully the true believers of the Cross. The “ do not touch
My anointed” intimidation has grown stale. If the price of speaking the truth be
condemnation from the religious community, so be it. If loss of influence,
status, or respect, it is a pittance compared to the glory of suffering with our
Lord. The voice of Christ speaks out over the ages, as strong now as when they
were first inscribed into the pages of the Bible:

“Why have you been standing here idle all day long?” (Matthew 20:6).

To know the truth and withhold speaking it is to become an accomplice to sin.

So much has been touted about the so-called “prophetic voices” of today.
Cries of “Peace, peace,” when there is no peace echo through the empty hearts of
those who long for the comforting word of truth but can find none among the
clamor of the Temple moneychangers. The clink of coin on coin purchases silence
at the expense of the multitudes. But the real prophets of God rebuked heresy
openly, with their words hewing at the rotten wood of false doctrine. Kings,
priests, and false prophets felt the cut of the axe. It is telling that the
anointed of God (the true prophets) did indeed “touch” the others anointed of
God, as well as those whose feigned allegiance to the Lord had dishonestly
earned them a title of respect among their peers.

A plenitude of passages, both in Old and New Testament Scripture, speak of
bringing the false out into the light, that it may lose its power over people.
Ephesians 5:11 states this clearly, but the choice is ours to obey–or not, and
suffer the consequences. Consequences that are even now destroying lives and
taking the people of God by the hand into spiritual harlotry.

“And do not participate in the unfruitful deeds of darkness, but instead even
expose them.”

It is not a suggestion or challenge but a command. How well we heed it may
determine the integrity and Biblical stalwartness of the next generation of

By Kevin Reeves, 2/02

Published by Pastor Tavares Robinson on 04 Jun 2011

Facts About The Word Of Faith Cult by John Edwards

The following are a few facts about the dangerous and deceptive Word of Faith Movement which is sweeping the Body of Christ with it’s lies and faulty theology:

1) The Word of Faith heresy is a hybrid religion that is a blend of New Age ideas and Charismatic excesses.

2) It was founded by a Baptist Preacher that was heavily influenced by the mind science teachers of his day including Mary Baker Eddy. He brought in many New Age and Mind Science teachings and blended them with scripture twisted out of context.

3) The Word of Faith Theology was further developed by a man that claimed at least eight visitations from Jesus Christ. In each of these visits this preacher was given extra revelation and extra biblical insight.

4) This preacher boasted for years that he walked in Divine health although he was being treated for heart disease with medication.

5) This preacher’s message was a blend of the Word of God and his visions. He often taught the Word of God in light of his visions.

6) This is very similar to the Prophet Joseph Smith that claimed extra revelation through visits from Jesus and God as he founded the Mormon church.

7) Most of the highest regarded Word of Faith teachers have not been to a legitimate seminary. Most of them were self taught from listening to tapes from other Word of Faith teachers.

) The Word of Faith Movement is anchored on one passage of scripture that is found in Mark 11:23-24. In this passage Jesus used a common, everyday Jewish hyperbole to teach his inner circle Apostles to believe in the power of God. The Word of Faith preachers have distorted the Greek text and the meaning of this passage to build an entire religion that revolves around faith and words as a means to obtain health and wealth.

9) Although the Word of Faith leaders do extensive teaching on faith and healing, it does not bear fruit in their own lives. Many of them died of tumors, cancer and heart disease.

10) Although the Word of Faith teachers love to minister from the 91st Psalm about God’s prophetic protection of the Messiah, they themselves live in constant fear and have numerous body guards and ushers.

11) The Word of Faith Message is centered on the prosperity scriptures that were meant for Israel under the Old Covenant. They emphasis tithing and sowing seeds as a means to obtain wealth. The Word of Faith Movement is obsessed with wealth and materialism and the worship of money.

12) The Word of Faith leaders teach that Jesus was wealthy although the scripture is very clear that he was not.

13) The Word of Faith leaders place thousands of well meaning believers under extreme pressure and condemnation by telling them outlandish and half true testimonies.

14) The Word of Faith leaders do an enormous amount of teaching on submission to authority, walking in love, and staying away from being offended. This produces a fearful cult like atmosphere in their churches. It keeps people from expressing hurts and concerns. It makes people feel like they cannot leave their church for any reason.

15) Many of the prominent Word of Faith teachers live the lifestyles of the rich and famous and flaunt it as a testimony of God’s favor while the people that are sending in their money are regarded as nothing.

16) The Word of Faith ministers are dishonest with scripture, often completely distorting it to rhyme with their doctrines.

18) Word of Faith ministers love to boast and brag about their faith and what their faith has done for them.

19) That is because it is called the Word of FAITH. It is a religion that revolves around faith instead of a religion that has faith in God. They teach faith in faith and faith in words.

20) The Word of Faith leaders teach that we are little gods and that we can act and perform much as God can. This also is a distortion of scripture and another thing that the Word of Faith has in common with the Mormons.

21) Word of Faith theology rejects the blood of Jesus as the sufficient atonement for our sins.

22) Word of Faith theology teaches that Jesus did not use His Divinity while on the earth while the Bible teaches that He was fully God and in total control at every moment.

23) The Word of Faith Movement teaches that words spoken from a human have inherent and creative power of their own.

24) Word of Faith teaches that Jesus said that you will have what you say, which is not what He said.

25) The Word of Faith theology depends on the King James translation of Mark 11:23-24

26) The same passage is found also in Matthew 21, and is worded quite differently, causing all the faith formulas based on Mark 11:23-24 to be out of whack.

27) The Word of Faith is humanism. It puts man in charge and God in the backseat.

28) The Word of Faith Movement misrepresents the character of Job.

29) The Word of Faith takes numerous passages from the New Testament and completely butchers them to fit their doctrine.

30) The Word of Faith creates fear, bondage, and a distorted unbiblical viewpoint of God.

31) The Word of Faith emphasises success and prosperity while Jesus stressed suffering and humility.

I will think of hundreds of other things after I post this, but these 31 facts are indeed facts. The Word of Faith is a cult because it is led by people claiming special insight and revelation that is unorthodox. They also attempt to control their subjects with fear, manipulation and bullying.
The Word of Faith is the Doctrine of Devils. It is an evil message that kills people and wrecks lives.

Please do not be afraid to look at the evidence. I was too afraid to examine the evidence because I wanted things my way. The Word of Faith put me in charge of my own life, and I liked that. But when I got up the courage to begin to read and study, God opened my eyes with truth and freedom. I am no longer in the cult!

Posted by: John Edwards | January 16, 2009