This is the 4th and final part of my wife’s testimony of how she managed to get out
of the influence of the extreme Pentecostal movement. Make sure you also read
part one, part two, and part three. These have also been published on her blog
which is found here. The final part is as follows:

This false spirit, a false “jesus”, one that pleases the flesh, had been given
permission by me into my life. If I knew the character of the Lord well or knew
my Bible basics I would have recognized the false spirit simply by looking at
what type of behavior I was displaying when I was experiencing this “spirit”. I
would have know that the fruit of the real and true Holy Spirit is peace, love,
real joy, gentleness, self-control, humility, patience, kindness, faithfulness
and goodness. If I had done this little test I would have clearly seen that I
lacked gentleness, self-control, patience, peace and real love. This false
spirit is very easily recognized when you do this little test. What I had
allowed in my life brought out impatience, anger, rudeness, complete lack of
Self-Control, chaos, flesh seeking madness, self ambition and selfish desires.

The next way to determine a false spirit is to do a quick comparison with what
the God of the Bible is like in character versus the spirit you have opened
yourself up to. Does it match up with what the Word of God says?

– Who God is (a God of order and peace)

– The order of a Church service (no chaos, no un-interpreted tongues, no more
than 2 or 3 people talking in tongues and in turn (not over each other)

– That these manifestations are similar if not the same to the strange fire
offered by Aaron’s sons in Exodus

– Leadership in the church (should be characterized by godly character: men of
peace, self-control, peace, gentleness, quietness and of humility).

– The focus of godly teaching (is leading one towards complete reliance on
Jesus Christ and not on yourself or a person or a ministry)

– People under the authority of the Lord (will display a peace, calmness,
quietness and gentleness about them).

– Dying to self and dying to flesh. The entire false spirit movement is characterized
by satisfying your own flesh and carnal nature. Rather than bowing down before
the Lord, it is about getting as much out as you can for yourself, getting the
“anointing” for yourself, getting the “manifestations” for yourself, seeing the
signs and wonders for yourself. This is completely the opposite to the life of
Jesus Christ, one of complete self sacrifice and in turn the life Christians
are to live. We are to beat our body/flesh to make it our slaves (1 Corinthians

– The real gospel of the Lord is unpopular. I have realized that wherever there
are huge crowds and no real genuine repentance (followed by no major changes in
the person’s life) then one needs to proceed with extreme caution! The way of
the Lord is a narrow way, not a popular one.

– We need to be very careful of false teachers and false prophets in the end
times. There are no arguments that we are in the end times, so why would we
switch off our discernment buttons because we are too scared to be wrongly
called Pharisees.

Will we be accountable to God for being easily deceived?

We have access to the Truth, the Word of God. The Word of God specifically
warns us in detail about what deceptions there will be in the end times and yet
we are still easily deceived. I was warned by earnest believers, but still
chose to be lead astray. And in turn we have earnestly warned others but they
choose to defile themselves with these false spirits too.

Why are we caught off guard by so called “men of god” that are bringing these
false spirits into the church?

Most likely they are completely deceived themselves and are themselves, in
turn, deceivers. The whole purpose of deception is that is going to come in and
trick us! Why does it surprise us that this is happening in the church? Satan
has had over 7,000 years to work out the best ways to deceive and cheat people;
of course he is going to influence people in the church today. It is naive to
think he wouldn’t. There will be no excuse for us on our day of judgment when
we face our Lord and King and we realize we have been tricked into allowing
false spirits into our hearts. We should know better and be prepared for this.

How do we know and recognize Satan?

Satan will deceive us by enticing our flesh! It is not surprising them to find
that these so called movement of the “holy spirit” are about ‘making us feel
good’, ‘hyping up our emotions’ and ‘satisfying our carnal desires’ into chaos,
uncontrolled disgusting behavior and acting like mad people.

Is it any surprise why we are so desperate for the next “fix”?

This behavior is not found anywhere in the Word of our God. The Holy Spirit
came upon the disciples and then they went out with their purpose, to spread
the gospel NOT to run from conference to conference, meeting to meeting to get
*more* of the “anointing”.

When I look back over my darkest days I can now very clearly recall some of the
behaviors of these people and even friends who are in these “movements”. Their behavior
(including my own) was some of the most selfish, prideful displays I have ever
seen. We were desperate to have our next “fix”, the next manifestation, the
next drunken moment in the so called Holy Spirit, and the next “loved up”
feeling. The longer I was involved the greater my drive and motivation was to fulfill
my flesh and carnal desire. This selfish, flesh seeking drive is intensely
stronger than the motivation to go out into the world and spread the gospel and
to save lost sinners in the name of Jesus. I only cared about myself and
truthfully I had no real genuine care or love for other believers during that
time. It was all about me.

I also have noticed and experienced the anger of these people when they are
questioned about the truth behind these movements and any mention of false
spirits. It is like they turn into monsters defending their prey. There is an
awful ugliness that emerges and it is quite frightening (that is why I used the
word monster). I displayed this ugly behavior myself so I speak from firsthand
experience…these people have sold themselves out to a false spirit, a false
jesus. The devil has a hold on their heart and their desires. This false spirit
makes them feel good and they will hold onto it like nothing else! Their flesh
fights to hold onto it and fights against the truth being revealed.

If you are concerned about this false spirit that is creeping into the church
please go to my sister in Christ’s Mkayla Kelly’s blog.

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